Top Prizes For The Guy That Invented The E Cig

Geez, guys, there’s so many big and famous prizes out there, what’s stopping this guy from winning one of them. Who knows, maybe this dude already did. And if by some slim chance he did not win a prize then we’d better start asking some serious questions. Like why hasn’t this guy won a prize for inventing e cigarette holders and the e cig vapor liquid that every gosh darn smoker who suffered so much before must purchase online to go with the holder (which must be purchased online too, of course).

Because just take a look at what is happening out there, guys. You’ve got a revolution on your hands. Now this is a real campaign. It’s nothing like those unpleasant anti-smoking campaigns that many a suffering smoker must still put up with. It is quite literally like a breath of fresh air. Its mint flavored or it’s peach flavored, you take your pick. This is a real revolution that not even the surgeon general can get a handle on.

Oh, there will be warnings. But these are revolutionary warnings coming from the very manufacturers of these fine vapor liquid flavors and the e cigarette holders that must carry them. It’s called being responsible. You can be responsible too. But guys, let’s get real. It sure isn’t easy giving up smoking. Be realistic. Try out e cig smoking for a while. See if it makes a difference to your health and mood.

e cig vapor liquid

The guy that invented these things, and this was so many years ago right in the heart of the smoking revolution (it was so revolutionary, even doctors were lighting up in their surgeries and saying that it was okay to have another one) must have had health matters in mind.