Messing About on the River

st lawrence river gift shop alexandria bay

When you love the water, like we do, there’s nothing quite as splendid as a day on the water. Maybe you’re just floating around wondering letting the day take it where it will as you enjoy the breeze. Perhaps you have that chic little restaurant that’s about an hour away. Far enough to build up an appetite but not too far that you will be late back.

The old song has it right. There’s no more pleasurable way to spend a day than messing about on the river.

The St. Lawrence River

With all the magic and mystique of the world’s mega waterways the St. Lawrence River is iconic, romantic, and the place of dreams. Its very name – originally that is – means big waterway. It is an international boundary, it is where the Great Lakes meet the Atlantic. It was the home of the Iroquois. Europeans including John Cabot used it to find their way into the New World, it had a part in the Second World War.

But for all its commerce and busy shipping, the river still carries a resonance and an allurement all of its own.

Sharing our enthusiasm

But it is in the north. Much as we want to we can’t spend all our days messing about. With a heavy heart, we have to leave sometimes. That’s where st lawrence river gift shop alexandria bay comes in. Art produced by local and locally inspired artists carries nostalgia for the river home with us.

Capturing the light

They say the light is special on the St. Lawrence. Its size alone means that different places have a different personality. Artists since the dawn of time have tried to capture the elusive in their work. These artists succeeded in capturing the St. Lawrence River.