Making Squats The Ultimate Exercise

Doing squats doesn’t sound like much, but they are a great addition to any workout. They enhance our balance and circulation. They strengthen your core as well as your legs. They help runners go faster and cyclists pedal longer.

Squats help you build muscle and lose weight which on their own are great advantages, but sports therapists estimate that up to 90% of people do squats wrongly, and so don’t get all the benefit.

an exercise board

Like most exercises you can supercharge their effectiveness by adding equipment. Think of how the exercise in Pilates is enhanced when you add equipment. Well, in the same way squats can become super squats with the addition of an exercise board.

exercise board

it works

What you are looking to achieve with a squat is an even weight distribution. You don’t want your weight in your toes more than you heels for example.

The board will begin to move when you’re placing the weight into the wrong place so that you can immediately compensate.

hip flexors in the right position

Effective squats come from the hip not the knees and getting this right makes all the difference to the quality of the squat and avoid putting pressure on your knees. The exercise board helps you push your hips back in the correct manner avoiding the knees.

all about your center of gravity

With an exercise board you know exactly where your center of gravity is and where it should be. Once you know where this is squats become easier and more effective.

weight on your heels

It’s easy to squat on your toes, although not for long. Keeping your heels flat means engaging all the right muscle groups. If you’re going to squat, do it properly.